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All trips include the use of our custom-built

rods and reels, all bait and the filleting of your catch.

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Cod & Haddock 

fishing for cod   

Cod, haddock, cusk, wolfish and ocean pollock are fished during the months of March through November. 
They make excellent table fare and range in size from 
5lbs to 40lbs. It is not uncommon to return home with
plenty of filets for dinner and the freezer. We will fish an area approximately 30
miles offshore called "Jeffrey's Ledge" and often 
witness whales and porpoise feeding on our run out.  Our vessel is one of the fastest passenger carrying vessels on the coast giving you almost one hour additional fishing time on an average day!





 Sharks can be caught from mid July through
late October and range in size from 50 lbs to
300+lbs. Blue sharks are most common with an
average of 6 to 8 caught per trip! Mako, porbeagle
and thresher sharks are also caught occasionally.
Fighting a Mako can be the thrill of a lifetime with
the fish performing acrobatic leaps and flips.

You will be outfitted with a standup harness
and  9/0 rod & reel with 90 lb test. It will be you
against beast with fights lasting 1 hour or more.
Combine a day of shark fishing with a second day
of cod and haddock fishing or Tuna fishing.




 Giant BluefinTuna are known worldwide as the
"ultimate gamefish".They show up off the New England coast
early June and stay through late October. The most active time to   
fish these giants are the months of August, September and October.
Giant Tuna are caught by either trolling squid and mackerel or
later in the season by chumming the monsters to the boat with
herring.  Fishing for the Giants requires a team effort, your
day will begin assisting the mate with the prepping and rigging of   the rods and bait.  Be prepared, fights can last up to 4 hours or more! We will use Shimano Tiagra 130 class reels and custom-built rods with 200 lb. test.

Sushi Hunter Charters is one of the top Giant Tuna  producers, with fish ranging in size from 400 lbs. to over 840 lbs. On a Giant Tuna  trip we will leave the dock at 5:30am and return at 5:00pm. Spend a day fishing for these powerful giants and experience the thrill of a lifetime!
Combine a day of Giant Tuna fishing with a second day of shark fishing or
groundfishing for a vacation  to remember.


Striped Bass & Blues

  Striped Bass are an exciting and strong fighting  gsportfish. They range in size from just schoolies weighing 5lbs. to big cows weighing 45lbs. or more. They are an inshore fish and are fun for the entire family to catch.  The food value of Striped Bass is excellent with a nice firm texture and great taste.  The season is generally mid june to mid october. Bluefish are found inshore also and are a very agressive and large schooling fish. When we locate the Bluefish it usually turns into a catching frenzy. Trolling is a common method of targeting these fish along with anchoring and chumming.  We generally find the Bluefish arriving in July and staying till late September.