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Shark fishing off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire takes place between July and October, with mid August through October being the better months. The past few seasons we have seen the large Blue Sharks showing up on the offshore Tuna grounds in late September with some weighing in over 350lbs. The are a lot of fun on our custom stand-up rods. 

One can expect to catch predominantly  Blue Sharks with an occasional Porbeagle, Thresher or Mako coming into the slick.  We have seen Makos weighing 900+ pounds and Threshers tipping the scales at over 600 pounds.

We use all custom rods with Penn International 30 reels and stand-up harnesses along with a couple 50's for the occasional monster that comes into the slick.

The preferred method of fishing for these sharks is to drift as long as the wind and currents aren't to fast, if they are we will anchor and chum from there. We will use ground herring and mackerel along with whole herring and mackerel, fish blood and menhaden oil to build a slick miles long. Depending on how nearby the closet shark is depends on the amount of time before they show. It usually takes an hour or two to get you first hook-up.