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Well, we ended our 10th season on November 19th, I must say it was a bittersweet day as we always hate to stop fishing. This was our first full season with the new boat, it's everthing it was supposed to be and more, I love the speed!  I would summarize the 05' fishing season overall as a good to very good one with steady catches of groundfish, Striped Bass and the Bluefish, they were on the beach heavy all of August. During spring we were fishing just 14 miles offshore and the bait had moved in and the cod( some to 50+ lbs), pollock and haddock followed with an occasional porbeagle shark in the mix. We saw another charterboat  land a porbeagle in the 400+ lb range on a cod fly. They did have a little assistance from another boat, but non the less they landed the monster!  Tuna season was one that I would rather not have repeated, we didn't land our usual numbers of giants as the dogfish were so bad keeping a bait on your line proved to be most dificult. We did troll up a fair amount of  tuna 100 lbs. or less though- what a great fight they put up on the stand up gear!

Concerning this season's rates........all I can say is we are going to try to keep them the same as last season, we will be watching the fuel situation closely.  I will say that once you have booked your trip and we have your deposit you will be locked into that rate for your trip. We will not be asking you for a fuel surcharge, I know how much work goes into organizing a trip and we do not expect you to go and ask everyone for more cash, so with that being said it would be wise to book your trip as soon as possible.

Lodging for our customers in 2007........We have purchased a waterfront property that sleeps 10 and will be renting that by the night for our charter clients that want to do multi-day trips, are traveling a distance or just want to bring the family and make a vacation out of it. We are now in the application process to put in a pier with a dock which  will enable us to pick you up  and drop you off at your front door!


With the addition of "Island Bound" we are able to offer a couple of different types of trips, "private charters"and "open boat" trips. With a private charter, your group has the entire boat for yourselves.  We can accommodate up to 20 passengers for fishing inshore and up to 15 for offshore. The vessel is certified for 49 passengers, but we feel the above numbers provide for a comfortable fishing environment.  We can also provide coffee, doughnuts and muffins along with boxed lunches. You just need to let us know if that is something you are interested in at the time of booking and we can take care of it from there.  The second type of trip we offer is the "open boat" meaning if you do not have a group large enough to make a "private charter" affordable we will group you with others to make a full boat. This is a great option if you like to do several trips a year and do not want to deal with trying to put a larger group together. Just give us a call or e-mail and we will let you know what dates we have for the "open boat" trips. 

Island / Harbor Tours

Also with the addition of "Island Bound" we are able to offer harbor and Isles Of Shoals tours. These tours generally last 2 hours and are fully narrated and perfect for the persons who have never seen the Portsmouth area from the waterfront. Check out our website Island Bound Cruises.

Special Requests

Feel free to contact us for any special requests, we are always willing to accommodate. 

   Welcome Aboard!